a choice between options

Posted by nurul on 8/03/2010 07:59:00 AM in ,
you met someone..he became your lover..soon enough you & him dream of having a family in future..your future spouse..so you work hard to achieve the goal..

then out of no where, a stranger appears in your life..he's intent on getting married..and guess what, his family likes you..choose you..

so you heard about this stranger..a nice person, obey to religion, a family-man type, has a good job, owned a nice car & house..sounds like a perfect candidate..

so..what's on your mind? this is called dilemma..


complicated indeed..

aik,xkan ko nk tinggalkan rabbit ko...aperdaa...jgn gitu...complicated wooo

ish ko ni..x pnh aku terpikir nk tgl rabbit kesayangan aku..i really love him with all my heart! <3

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