the underwater pool activity

Posted by nurul on 10/30/2010 07:24:00 PM in

it's been ages since we last met & swam together..so i thought it would be nice if i could cook him something that he really like..so as early as 7am i woke up & cooked fusilli - malaysian style or sincerely my way hehe..i put it into a medium size plastic container so that he can have his dish there..then i put on my muslimah swimming suit & cover it up with my casual outfit..afterward i jumped into my car & rushed to the aquatic near to my house..while waiting for his arrival, i sat on a bench behind the window facing to the pool where the swimmers having fun with big splash in the water..

when he finally arrived, i gave him the fusilli..because he was really hungry, he managed to eat up in just a few minutes haha! then we went to the counter & paid for the tickets before passing through the entrance gate..once we're inside the pool area, we placed our bags on a table then we took a shower for a few minutes just to wet ourself a bit before we jumped down the pool..the moment we hit the water, ggrrrrr damn cold haha!

we had a really great time swimming together..chatting, giggling, larking..i just love it ..ohh, how i wish we own a waterproof camera at that moment :)

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