Smile at the peak

Posted by nurul on 4/09/2012 12:52:00 PM in
Event : Company activity / event
Date : April 7th, 2012
Day : Saturday
Starting Time : 7.30AM
Venue : Broga Hill
Participants : my group - me, Faliq, Halim, Ajoi, Zul, Yatt & Azila

That was the day we managed to conquer the peak of Broga hill! Alhamdulillah :-) We're so happy & very, very satisfied..but still a little bit disappointed though because we missed the sunrise! Hehe no worries, soon enough we'll come back again by ourself & on that time, we'll make sure we come as early as 5AM, you can bet! Hehe :-)

I am happy to report that I have successfully scratched my right elbow whilst climbing on a huge rock..hahaha what a mark. Even though it was a small one but still it hurts..I pressed my finger on it for a few times to ease the pain..but i don't mind at all as long as i can reach to the top hehehe :-)..No words can described the magnificent feeling when you reached the top, with the soft and calming breeze running through your hands & the view is just breath taking as you can see all the mist between small hills below you :-)

Ok..less words, more pictures..an image describes everything right? Click each picture to view..Hehe enjoy :-)

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