second job perhaps?

Posted by nurul on 8/04/2011 03:36:00 PM
hurmm..i'm thinkin about gettin more pocket money but i run out of idea on what job i can do..freelance will do..how about freelance photographer? no, i don't have that 'snap2' skills..makeup artist? hehe i don't think so..after all i don't always wear makeups..baking? haha at this time being i only know how to make kek batik & fruit pudding..sewing? adeyy lagi la aku tak reti..personal driver? haha definitely a no no..i'm afraid the passenger himself will gonna 'drive' me instead haha *astagfirullah..eeikk*..but a school bus driver might be cool hehe..

but on the second thought, i think maybe i just should quit my current job (the truth is i can't take it anymore) & find a new one..but then, again, i don't know what is the right job for me..oohhh dilemma..i love playing with graphics, which means i can apply as a graphic designer or perhaps as a web designer but usually they preferred a person that has a degree/diploma in multimedia..sigh..

i do love kids as well therefore i think working at the nursery or pre-school would be great too..even though i don't have any experience in that field at all but somehow i'll learn..haha i my dreams!!  it's not goin to be easy to get the job but i believe it's worth trying..right??

yeaa people might said "looking on the economy here in our country right now, not so good maaa..how can you find a new job one?"..nevertheless you need to remember that 'tuah ayam nampak dikaki, tuah manusia siapa yang tahu'..insyaAllah :-)

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