the holy blessed ramadhan

Posted by nurul on 8/09/2010 02:36:00 PM

i don't have so much time for bloggin at this moment..got a pile of task need to be done..plus, i need to handle a few user from several department too..dizzy,dizzy~ haha anyway i would love to wish to all Muslims around the world a Happy Blessed Ramadhan :)

Don't forget to niat (niyat/intention) at any point during the night, even if it's just a moment before Fajr or you might wasting your time fasting all day long as the Prophet Muhammad S.A.W said "There is no fast for the person who did not intend to fast from the night before" (Reported by Abu Dawood, no. 2454. A number of the scholars, such as al-Bukhaari, al-Nisaa’i, al-Tirmidhi and others thought it was likely to be mawqoof. See Talkhees al-Hubayr, 2/188).

Sahaja aku berpuasa sebulan pada bulan Ramadan bagi tahun ini
kerana Allah Taala

May Allah always bless you & me!


semua anda boleh makan

Posted by nurul on 8/04/2010 11:48:00 PM
post kali ni bahasa melayu pula hehe..semalam waktu makan tengah hari sangat kecoh..kecoh dengan gelak ketawa sambil mulut tu penuh dengan makanan hehe *sungguh kurang sopan*..maka secara rasminya waktu makan tengah hari semalam merupakan hari melantak saya & rakan-rakan sebab sebahagian besar kos makan ditanggung beres oleh bos besar di Seoul Garden..*mekacih bos hehe*..tanpa berlengah tepat je detik waktu makan tengah hari, masing-masing dah 'chaw' dari office haha..nasib baiklah tak jauh sangat nak ke tempat dituju tu..adalah dalam 5-10 minit jalan kaki sampai..

setibanya di destinasi *gaya macam pergi melancong padahal pergi makan je* terus pilih meja mana nak duduk..lepas tu apa lagi, mereka semua serbu tempat buffet macam semut hurung gula *punya la masing-masing kebulur haha*..segala jenis makanan yang boleh disebat semua nak ambil *perangai sebenar terserlah iaitu tamak haloba :D*..

menu daging, ikan, udang & sotong

menu makanan beku

menu abc (bukan abjad ye)

en.lim telah ditempah oleh cik fafa?? haha

seorang makan daging je, seorang lagi makan bihun je

maka bermulalah sesi masak-memasak, celup-mencelup, bakar-bakar dan merebus..yang tukang masak berpeluh-peluh haha..yang tukang makan pun berpeluh sebab kena haba masakan hehe..lepas tu masing-masing makan tak ingat dunia, macam tak makan sebulan *gelojoh betul haha*..sedap belaka :)

acara masak-memasak bermula

si tukang masak dan si tukang gaul :p

geng paling kuat melantak :p

geng paling bersuka ria :D

bos besar tengah bersantap

selesai makan tibalah waktu balik ke office..sambil berjalan pulang sempat lagi budak-budak ni nak bergambar..layankan je hehe..sesungguhnya semua orang sangat gembira semalam..sekian :)

semua tonggek-tonggek belaka

geng mereng

pulang sudah..


virtue of giving salam

Posted by nurul on 8/04/2010 08:13:00 AM
this morning, i would like to share some knowledge with everybody about Salam :)

Abu Hurairah r.a related that Rasulullah s.a.w said, "You shall not enter Heaven unless you have Faith and your Faith is not complete until you show love towards one another. Would you want me to show you how you can achieve this? Shower your Salam upon one another."

when we give our salam to another Muslim and he answers it, we are actually praying for each other's peace in life. Thus our relationship will become closer. This is one of the signs of people who have Faith.

who is to give Salam first?
Abu Hurairah r.a related that Rasulullah s.a.w said, "Let the one who is driving give salam to the one walking; let the one who is walking give the salam to the one sitting; let those who are small in number (or alone) give salam to those who are in a larger group and let the younger one give salam to the elderly."

usually people shake hands upon giving Salam and it has advantages too, other than
to strengthen the feeling of brotherhood. Barra' r.a related that Rasulullah s.a.w said, "There is no two Muslims who meet and shake each other's hand unless both their sins are forgiven before they part."


king of my heart

Posted by nurul on 8/04/2010 07:24:00 AM

i love you beyond what words can say..may Allah always bless you my king


a choice between options

Posted by nurul on 8/03/2010 07:59:00 AM in ,
you met someone..he became your lover..soon enough you & him dream of having a family in future..your future spouse..so you work hard to achieve the goal..

then out of no where, a stranger appears in your life..he's intent on getting married..and guess what, his family likes you..choose you..

so you heard about this stranger..a nice person, obey to religion, a family-man type, has a good job, owned a nice car & house..sounds like a perfect candidate..

so..what's on your mind? this is called dilemma..


absence of mental stress :)

Posted by nurul on 8/02/2010 01:46:00 PM in ,
my daily routine on weekday morning..woke up early, sat on the bed for a few minutes, bathed (luckily i have hot shower at home), performed solat, dressed up, caught in traffic jam (haiya bored)..as soon as arrived at the office, open the office email & found out the inbox was full..then i started to get stress & dizzy..however today, miraculously i do not even see one email in my inbox & it feels a bit awkward..but suddenly this feeling of joy & serenity burst in my mind, it makes me say "ahhh..leganya rasa..syoknya"..hehe peace of mind at last..

so i walked to TM tower nearby, just to get some fresh air & see if there're sales going on..one of my colleague joined me as he's free at that time as well..we walked past the Secret Recipe & a bank until we reached the lobby ..from a few feets away, we saw a couple of red tables.."hurm, MPH buat jualan lagi..", i mumbling to myself..so we went to take a look..then i came across with this cooking book, Italian style..i said to myself, "macam best je buku ni, step-by-step dia siap ada gambar, bagus senang nak ikut..tertelan air liur aku tgk masakan dia..nyummy~..nak beli ke tak..nak beli ke tak..haish rasa nak beli la, geram pula tengok!"..and couple of minutes later, i decided to buy that book..haha my colleague also faced the same issue as me..thinking twice whether he should buy it or not..but in the end, he too, decided to buy it..on our way back to the office, i said to him "lepas ni aku makan maggi je la haha!"..*kene berjimat lepas ni sebab gaji lambat lagi hehehe*..hehe so hillarious :)

p.s - looking for other recipes as well..i love to eat


at the first attempt..

Posted by nurul on 8/01/2010 10:38:00 PM
hi :) this is likely to be my first posting and the truth is i don't really know what to post right now..my mind is totally empty of fresh, wacky ideas..haha i am still new to this "blogging thingy" & actually my intention is just to post up anything that i think i could share with others, maybe some thoughts, interest, about cool places, dreams etc..if you like to drop some comments, it would be a pleasure :)

oh one more thing, i will use 2 languages, english & bahasa melayu..(i might use bahasa melayu frequently hehe)..i admit i need to brush up my english more, especially my grammar hehe..blush~ oh look at the time! no wonder i feel so sleepy..gosh, i can barely open my eyes..i think i should go to bed right in this minute..thanks for reading :) good night & sweet dreams!

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