the holy blessed ramadhan

Posted by nurul on 8/09/2010 02:36:00 PM

i don't have so much time for bloggin at this moment..got a pile of task need to be done..plus, i need to handle a few user from several department too..dizzy,dizzy~ haha anyway i would love to wish to all Muslims around the world a Happy Blessed Ramadhan :)

Don't forget to niat (niyat/intention) at any point during the night, even if it's just a moment before Fajr or you might wasting your time fasting all day long as the Prophet Muhammad S.A.W said "There is no fast for the person who did not intend to fast from the night before" (Reported by Abu Dawood, no. 2454. A number of the scholars, such as al-Bukhaari, al-Nisaa’i, al-Tirmidhi and others thought it was likely to be mawqoof. See Talkhees al-Hubayr, 2/188).

Sahaja aku berpuasa sebulan pada bulan Ramadan bagi tahun ini
kerana Allah Taala

May Allah always bless you & me!


doa sahur ada ka lim? baca doa mkn kut, hehehe lawak ko ni :p

salam ramadhan... tadlin apa cite?

itu la, dh lama x dgr citer tadenin..beliau senyap je *ntah2 dh bertunang..jeng2*..insyaallah nti aku try roger2 beliau..pastu gossip2 dgn ko hehe ;p

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