absence of mental stress :)

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my daily routine on weekday morning..woke up early, sat on the bed for a few minutes, bathed (luckily i have hot shower at home), performed solat, dressed up, caught in traffic jam (haiya bored)..as soon as arrived at the office, open the office email & found out the inbox was full..then i started to get stress & dizzy..however today, miraculously i do not even see one email in my inbox & it feels a bit awkward..but suddenly this feeling of joy & serenity burst in my mind, it makes me say "ahhh..leganya rasa..syoknya"..hehe peace of mind at last..

so i walked to TM tower nearby, just to get some fresh air & see if there're sales going on..one of my colleague joined me as he's free at that time as well..we walked past the Secret Recipe & a bank until we reached the lobby ..from a few feets away, we saw a couple of red tables.."hurm, MPH buat jualan lagi..", i mumbling to myself..so we went to take a look..then i came across with this cooking book, Italian style..i said to myself, "macam best je buku ni, step-by-step dia siap ada gambar, bagus senang nak ikut..tertelan air liur aku tgk masakan dia..nyummy~..nak beli ke tak..nak beli ke tak..haish rasa nak beli la, geram pula tengok!"..and couple of minutes later, i decided to buy that book..haha my colleague also faced the same issue as me..thinking twice whether he should buy it or not..but in the end, he too, decided to buy it..on our way back to the office, i said to him "lepas ni aku makan maggi je la haha!"..*kene berjimat lepas ni sebab gaji lambat lagi hehehe*..hehe so hillarious :)

p.s - looking for other recipes as well..i love to eat


Siapakah "He" yang teman ko mubina? Ekeke.....

waduh2...siapakah gerangan insan itu

haha orang tersebut pun x mampu nk lepaskan buku yg menarik tu..hehe nti aku nk pinjam yeeee..ngeee ;p

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